How to Send Bitcoins Using Email?

Many Bitcoin users were frightened and frustrated when Apple removed the popular Blockchain wallet app from its store.

Now, some users are migrating to Email Tip Bot, it’s an app that helps people use email for their Bitcoin transactions. According to most reviews, it’s a lot like the tip feature on Reddit.

Here’s what you need to do:

Image courtesy Sean MacEntee

Image courtesy Sean MacEntee

  1. Send an empty message to bitcoin@emailtipbot.
  2. Watch for an automatic reply that will provide a link to confirm your email address and a new Bitcoin address.
  3. You then send a Bitcoin from your own wallet to the new address that the app sent you. (Any amount is OK)
  4. Once you send the test, you should be set for a transaction. Send a new email to the person or address you wish to pay, making sure you add botcoin@emailtipbot in the CC field and the amount of the transaction — in either dollars or Bitcoins — in the Subject field.

Some things you should know:

  • There’s always grumbling about security. You should know that no system is full proof, but there hasn’t been an significant security breeches of this system.
  • The system will take out .0002 Bircoin for a transaction fee.
  • A tip from the developer: don’t use this system to store a lot of Bitcoins. Instead, transfer them to a dedicated and secure wallet as soon as possible. Leave a small amount in the Email Tipbot account for a quick transaction when you need it.

Check out more about the Email Tip Bot on CoinDesk.